The Last Days of World War II: Last Secrets of the Axis (1995)

History Channel

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Last Secrets of the Axis (1995)

Examine the remarkable historical confluence that led to the German-Japanese alliance and discover how one German geography professor played a key role. Also, learn about Japan's intent to unleash biological warfare on the California coast!

From NY Times:

Documentary that traces the steps that led to the alliance between Germany and Japan during World War II and other little-known stories about the Axis Powers. A German geography professor named Karl Haushofer played a vital role in the German-Japanese connection. A substantial contributor to Hitler's vision of Aryan domination, he also established a link between Aryan myths and Japan's samurai traditions.


One of the most compelling stories of World War II concerns the origins of the unlikely alliance between the Axis powers. While many people imagine that the union was forged along the lines of "the enemy of my enemy is my friend," the real story is far more complicated.LAST SECRETS OF THE AXIS picks up where the popular HISTORY CHANNEL special THE SAMURAI AND THE SWASTIKA left off, examining the remarkable historical confluence that led to the rise of German-Japanese cooperation. At the heart of story is Karl Haushofer, a geography professor (and the man who coined the term "geopolitics"). The program explores the professor's convoluted role, following him from the origins of the Reich to the Nuremberg Trials. LAST SECRETS also reveals details of many overlooked engagements, including a coup in Iraq, backed by German and Italian forces, that had the long-term goal of establishing a Persian Gulf base for Japanese submarines!From unsung battles to back-room dealings, this is a compelling examination of the LAST SECRETS OF THE AXIS.


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