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The Real Eve

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Documentary Description

Narrated by actor Danny Glover, 'The Real Eve' reveals that our shared genetic heritage links every living person on earth and traces the expansion of modern humans throughout the world. The discovery of the Eve gene stunned the world. It seems we could all be descended from just a few females – or even just one. In this telling anthropological video, we access the very latest DNA reconstructions, and for the first time, tell conclusively the story of where, when and how the human race came about and then populated the world.

From the Back Cover:
Five billion people...from one woman. Who was "the real Eve"? What did she really look like, where did she live, how did the human race truly come to be? Travel back in time as Danny Glover narrates this fascinating look into the past to fined the very beginnings of the human race. Through exclusive access to the very latest DNA reconstructions and cutting edge technology, scientists can now for the first time conclusively answer the where, when and how's of this mysterious woman-mother to us all.


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David wrote 9 years ago.
I caught this on a flight from Toronto to the Dominican
republic. it was such an excellant documentary that siting
here in China I am trying to find a copy to watch again.

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