The Well-Oiled Revolution of Hugo Chavez (2006)

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In the autumn of 2006, Hugo Chávez was re-elected for a second term as Venezuelan president. The poor population worships him. They see him as their saviour and won’t hear a bad word against him. Socialist education, work in cooperatives, Cuban doctors in the poor quarters and subsidised food are just a few of the cornerstones of the Bolivarian revolution, a leftist revolution named after Simon Bolivar, the 19th century liberator of South America. At the same time, the business community and the middle classes complain of corruption, nepotism and the lack of a healthy investment climate.

Chávez’ goal is to remain in power until 2021 and to spread the Bolivarian revolution across his country, his continent and the globe. Without an opposition, with one party and with unexpected partners like the presidents of Iran and Byelorussia. It is all financed using the hundreds of millions of dollars earned each day from oil; Venezuela is the fifth-largest oil-producing country in the world.

The Well-Oiled Revolution of Hugo Chávez shows what Chávez has planned for his country and the wider world, and how his revolution is tearing Venezuela in two.

Directors: Ijsbrand van Veelen and Gijs Meyer Swanthee

Producers: Madeleine Somer/Karin Spiegel

Source: VPRO Backlight


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