Titus (1999)

Twenty Century Fox

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Ancient Rome. Having captured Tamora, queen of the Goths, general Titus has her eldest son sacrificed in accordance with ritual, ignoring her plea for mercy. Saturninus, newly acclaimed emperor of Rome, decides to marry Titus' daughter Lavinia but she elopes with his brother Bassianus. Saturninus marries Tamora, who as empress can avenge herself on Titus.

Encouraged by Tamora's Moorish slave Aaron, her sons Chiron and Demetrius murder Bassianus and rape Lavinia, cutting off her tongue and hands. Aaron frames Titus' sons Martius and Quintus for Bassianus' murder. They are sentenced to death and Titus' only remaining son Lucius is banished. Tricked into believing that his sons will be pardoned in return, Titus lets Aaron cut off his hand, only to have Martius and Quintus' heads delivered to him. Titus vows revenge and sends Lucius to the Goths to raise an army. His appetite for vengeance is strengthened when Lavinia identifies her attackers. Meanwhile Tamora has given birth to a son; Aaron, not Saturninus, is the father. Aaron runs away with the child and is captured by the Goths, now commanded by Lucius. In an effort to save his baby, Aaron confesses his crimes.

Titus invites Tamora and her entourage to a feast. He then kills Chiron and Demetrius and bakes them in a pie, which he serves to Saturninus and Tamora at the feast. Titus then kills Tamora. Saturninus kills Titus. Lucius kills Saturninus. Lucius is proclaimed emperor. He condemns Aaron to death, but spares his son.

Source: http://www.bfi.org.uk/sightandsound/review/563


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