Unauthorized Access (1994)

by Annaliza Savage

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Documentary Description

Unauthorized Access

by Annaliza Savage

Unauthorized Access is one of the earliest independant documentaries on the subject of the computer underground. Featuring footage from around globe, this video's tone is friendly and fun. From phreaking, lockpicking, conspiracy theories, and ninja clad dumpster divers to socially active political European hackers this video covers an amazing amount of ground.

©1994 Savage Productions

Source: http://www.defcon.org

UNAUTHORIZED ACCESS is a documentary that tells the story of the computer underground from our side, it captures the hacker world from Hamburg to Los Angeles and virtually everywhere in between.

2600 - The Hacker Quarterly

Computers are becoming an integral part of our everyday existence. They are used to store and send a multitude of information, from credit reports and bank withdrawals, to personal letters and highly sensitive military documents. So how secure are our computer systems?

The computer hacker is an expert at infiltrating secured systems, such as those at AT&T, TRW, NASA or the DMV. Most computer systems that have a telephone connection have been under siege at one time or another, many without their owner's knowledge. The really good hackers can reroute the telephone systems, obtain highly sensitive corporate and government documents, download individual's credit reports, make free phone calls globally, read private electronic mail and corporate bulletins and get away without ever leaving a trace.

So who are these hackers? Just exactly WHAT do they do and WHY do they do it? Are they really a threat? What do they DO with the information that they obtain? What are the consequences of their actions? Are hackers simply playing an intellectual game of chess or are hackers using technology to fight back and take control of a bureaucratic system that has previously appeared indestructible?

Unauthorized Access is a documentary that demistifies the hype and propaganda surrounding the computer hacker. Shot in 15 cities and 4 countries, the film hopes to expose the truths of this subculture focusing on the hackers themselves. Unauthorized Access is a view from inside the global underground.

For a copy send a money order for 15 UK Pounds (PAL/European Standard) or 25$ US Dollars (NTSC/American Standard) to:

Savage Productions

Suite One

281 City Road

London EC1V 1LA


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