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When Nature Strikes Back: Earthquakes

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http://www.janson.com/television/show... A lifetime of hard work and family possessions can be lost in a single instant during a devastating earthquake. This episode examines some of the most powerful earthquakes in history and tries to understand their underlying causes. Izmit, Turkey, was the site of a violent earthquake in 1999, and When Nature Strikes Back was there as Swiss and German rescue teams worked to save people who had been buried under a collapsed apartment complex.

We follow the story of Mehmet, a 14-year old boy who waits to see if his best friends are saved from the horrible disaster. San Francisco experienced a magnitude 7 earthquake in 1989 that collapsed a portion of a heavily traveled freeway. Arresting interviews with two rescue workers bring the viewer close to the scene in California, as rescue teams from the entire region work to save the last known survivor of that catastrophe. Professor Jochen Zschau of the Geo-Research Institute in Germany, explains the causes and effects of earthquakes and suggests how we might better prepare ourselves to survive. 


When Nature Strikes Back: Earthquakes enables viewers to see and hear the stories of earthquake survivors and heroes, and understand how the growing population creates more vulnerability in the face of this natural force.


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