When Nature Strikes Back: Landslides (2003)

Janson Media

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Documentary Description

http://www.janson.com/television/show... Mountains are created by gigantic forces beneath the Earth's surface. However, while they are still growing from below, their surface weathers away and they begin to disintegrate. Large amounts of rough rock debris tumble down and accumulate at the foot of the mountain. Fine material is blown away by the wind and is stratified in certain areas, forming heaps or earth-mounds. These mounds can remain stable for thousands of years. Then comes the fateful day, however, on which the inner stability of a mound is disturbed, and gigantic masses of debris and mud careen downhill: These peaceful mounds then become deadly landslides. The causes differ: heavy rainfall, melting ice, deforestation, earthquakes.

The film portrays the unbelievable power of a mudslide. We speak to people who have lost relatives to landslides. We find out how far science and research has come in the prevention of mudslides. We observe scientists and technical engineers from the United States Geological Survey and German mudslide specialists at work. The chapters of the film: The catastrophes, the causes, the science. Animations, 3-D-models and graphics illustrate the specialists' explanations and hypotheses. Authentic archive-material documents the awesome power of landslides.


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