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When Nature Strikes Back: Monsoons

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Documentary Description

http://www.janson.dreamhosters.com/te... It is the end of May on the Andaman Islands in the south of the Indian Ocean. Something is brewing on the horizon. An occurrence which happens with such regularity that the Arabs have named it Monsoon - the season.

As one of the most powerful climactic phenomena, the Monsoon influences massive areas of the Tropics and Sub-Tropics, determining the world's climate. More than 60 percent of the world's population lives in the areas influenced by the Monsoon, and their existence depends on the effects of this powerful climate-maker. There, the Monsoon decides whether it will be a blessed or a cursed year.

The When Nature Strikes Back film crew is in Bangladesh and India when the Monsoon arrives. We see how people patiently build endless dams. Ships transport the rocks to the northern gulf from Bengal. Countless numbers of helpers build the protective walls manually. We meet people who have been affected by powerful monsoon storms in the USA and Mexico. We remember these difficult times with them. This episode also visits the large meteorological establishments in the USA (NOAA, NCAR etc.), and investigates programs encountered in researching Monsoons. In addition, archival footage helps document the unbelievable power of the Monsoon.


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