BioMedia Associates (BioMedia Associates)

BioMedia Associates is a group of biologists, teachers, educational designers and film-makers who collaborate to make learning programs for biology.

For schools and higher education, we have eight series currently in distribution, totaling 51 video programs and three CD-ROMS. Topics cover the biology curriculum with particular emphasis on cell biology, evolution, micro-organisms, the early history of life, and the major groups of living things. These programs are all described on this web site.

BioMedia Associates materials can be purchased through biological supply companies and audiovisual distributors, or they can be ordered directly from eBioMedia. Licensing for world wide broadcasting is arranged through eBioMedia. See contact information below.

In addition to our own productions we supply footage for museums and for broadcast. Our work is currently featured in The American Museum of Natural History, Wall of Life exhibit and in the award winning PBS series Intimate Strangers, a four hour series on microlife and microbiologists. One of our most interesting recent projects was shooting the live micro/macro scenes for The Nature of Things CBC production, Up Close and Personal - The Ecology of David Suzuki, featuring the organisms that live on our bodies and in our dwellings.

Animation of difficult to understand concepts is another BioMedia Associates specialty. See Visualizing Cell Processes, and Eye of the Cyclops in our product section. We can do custom animations on a for-hire basis. We provide stock footage from our collection or over 500 hours of live-action digital images of microlife, invertebrate animals, parasites and environmental scenes, along with thousands of still images. Check out the stock footage pages on this web site and then contact one of the producers listed below.

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Documentaries Offered by BioMedia Associates (4)

Name Watch
The Biology of Plants (1997) The Biology of Plants (1997) Play Video
The Biology of Fungi (1979) The Biology of Fungi (1979) Play Video
The Biology of Flagellates and Amoebas (1997) The Biology of Flagellates and Amoebas (1997) Play Video
The Biology of Bacteria (1999) The Biology of Bacteria (1999) Play Video
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