David Bohm (David Bohm)

Professor David J. Bohm

This article has been scanned from the journal Systematics, Vol. 1 No. 3(1963)

In his inaugural dissertation as Professor of Theoretical Physics in the University of London, Professor Bohm raised the question whether connectedness may not be a more fundamental concept than existence itself. He concluded his address: "the discrete topological theory discussed here does suggest at least one new kind of question. For since it implies that what is fundamental is the link, we should therefore try to find experiments that disclose the relationship of linkage itself, rather than the structure of particles, which is only a very indirect consequence of the basic characteristics of the linkages. It is at present too early to suggest such an experiment, because first one must familiarize oneself with how the theory deals with some of the older questions (as was in fact also necessary with the quantum theory, before it could lead to the framing of new kinds of experimental problems). However, one can say at present that some directions in which such experiments may be possible can already be discerned. It may be hoped that eventually these questions will be clarified."

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