Hamburg Media School (Hamburg Media School)

The Hamburg Media School offers master courses in Media Management, Journalism, and Film at the highest professional level. Our graduates’ success confirms our approach to teaching: preparing talented young people for the complex demands of the media business. Our educational profile is as versatile as our students – business economists, humanities, social as well as natural scientists, jurists, and designers: we welcome everyone sharing our passion for the media world.
The Hamburg Media School is organised as a public private partnership, whereas this partnership does not only exist on paper, but is truly lived out: 30 media houses are engaged in cooperation, with scholarships, grants, and funding. Close personal contacts to decision-makers in the field enable our students to build networks, often an important bridge to the job.
These factors as well as the dedication of the HMS staff have made for the success of the school. Having completed the founding phase, HMS is now securing and extending its prominent position in the media industry and academia where a global perspective is key. We are constantly working on preparing students for an ever increasingly internationalised professional field, through the expansion of already existing international collaborations and projects, and the curriculum itself.

I cordially invite you to find out more about the great variety, the program contents, and the Hamburg Media School team on these pages.

Documentaries Offered by Hamburg Media School (1)

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Roentgen (2008) Roentgen (2008) Play Video
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