Pavel Grinfeld (MathIsBeautiful)

In this YouTube Channel, Pravel Grinfeld shares his unique approach to mathematics subjects of all levels. Series on Linear Algebra, Calculus, Algebra, Pre-Calculus and Probability, as well as more advanced subjects such Differential Equations, Applied Mathematics, Numerical Computation, Calculus of Variations, Calculus of Moving Surfaces, Shape Optimization and other subjects have been created or are currently in the worls.

He believes the role of the teacher is to focus on the very essence of the subject without obscuring it with excessive rigor and formalism.

His main goal is to share the vision that Mathematics Is Beautiful, a title given to his YouTube channel. Please support his efforts by making a donation here:

Courses Offered by MathIsBeautiful (1)

Name # Video Lectures
Tensor Calculus and the Calculus of Moving Surfaces Tensor Calculus and the Calculus of Moving Surfaces 48
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