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SCP Enterprises, Inc., remanufactures modular office furniture. SCP clients and customers appreciate the high quality and low cost of these products. The concept of modular office furniture and panels systems permits the frequent movement, reconfiguration, and reinstallation of offices as changes in business operation requires.

Company History - Steven C. Proehl is the President and owner of SCP Enterprises. His early marketing efforts, begun in 1979, led to the formation of SCP in 1987. He began with a few employees and a very small facility in Ann Arbor, Michigan. In 1988, the demand for reasonably priced office furniture forced the operation to grow, and SCP moved from a spread-out five location operation into a newly constructed facility suited for the process of preparing office systems for its clients. By 1989, SCP had expanded its new home to include over 53,000 square feet of space devoted to business operations, the sales of products, office design services, product remanufacturing, product show rooms, and installation services. 

Work Flow - SCP designs office spaces, creating specifications for materials and work to be done for each client. SCP will prepare a bid or quote on the specification that will lead to a purchase order. When a purchase order is received, a production order is generated for internal operation and scheduling. Materials are pulled from inventory or specially ordered for that client. Materials are then prepared, assembled, and staged for final installation at the customer’s site. This work effort takes a lot of coordination and cooperation within SCP.

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