TMP Chem (TMP Chem)

The goal of TMP Chem is to provide free, high-quality physical chemistry study resources to anyone, anywhere. This YouTube channel offers courses in "Quantum Chemistry and Spectroscopy" (121 videos) and "Chemical Thermodynamics and Kinetics" (131 videos), both of which are complete. They plan to release many more courses in 2015 and the near future. Please give your feedback in video comments, channel comments, and/or email. All feedback and suggestions are welcome and highly encouraged:

Physical chemistry is the use of physics to develop descriptive mathematical models for the behavior of chemical systems. Physical chemistry is typically studied for 2-3 semesters by university chemistry majors. Prerequisite knowledge includes general chemistry, general physics, algebra, and calculus.

The TMP Chem YouTube channel is explicitly non-commercial and does not produce revenue of any kind. Content is created solely for the benefit of the scientific community.

Courses Offered by TMP Chem (2)

Name # Video Lectures
Quantum Chemistry and Spectroscopy Quantum Chemistry and Spectroscopy 145
Chemical Thermodynamics and Kinetics Chemical Thermodynamics and Kinetics 147
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