Virtual University of Pakistan (VU Pakistan)

Virtual University of Pakistan (Urdu: ورچوئل یونیورسٹی‎), is a public university located in urban area of Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan. Virtual University is Pakistan’s first University based completely on modern Information and Communication Technologies, was established by the Government as a public sector, not-for-profit institution.

Established in 2002 by the Government of Pakistan to promote distance education in modern Information and Communication technologies as its primary objectives, the university is noted for its online lectures and broadcasting rigorous programs regardless of their students' physical locations. The university offers undergraduate and post-graduate courses in business administration, economics, computer science, and information technology. Due to its heavy reliance on serving lectures through the internet, Pakistani students residing overseas in several other countries of the region are also enrolled in the University's programs.

Courses Offered by VU Pakistan (2)

Name # Video Lectures
Principles of Marketing with Mukhtar Ahmed Principles of Marketing with Mukhtar Ahmed 45
History & Systems of Psychology History & Systems of Psychology 45
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