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Wombat Productions is a multimedia production company…which is a fancy way of saying we do everything — television, radio, film, corporate, non-profit and online content creation and support. Wombat Productions is all about quality. We believe if someone’s taking the time to watch it, listen to it, or click on it, then we should make sure the time is well spent.

The Company was founded with a fierce desire to explore new ideas, maintain high standards, have some fun and satisfy audiences…big and small.

Wombat works with a wide range of professionals to get every job done. We have some of the best camera people, editors and creative minds you could possibly imagine.

By the way, we are not in any way affiliated with the New York-based Wombat Productions, producers of the award-winning Hollywood Collection documentary television specials, and also clearly, fans of our favorite Australian animal.

Documentaries Offered by Wombat Productions (1)

Name Watch
Hollywood Collection: Ingrid Bergman Remembered (1995) Hollywood Collection: Ingrid Bergman Remembered (1995) Play Video
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