ABC Skip Hurdle Agility Drills 
ABC Skip Hurdle Agility Drills
by eHow / Saidia Rafel
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Date Added: August 3, 2009

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In this video lesson, Athletics Instructor Saidia Rafel teaches the A, B, and C skip hurdle agility drills in this free hurdling tutorial on great hurdling.

Video Transcript: SAIDIA RAFEL: " we're going to do the A skip. One thing you'll notice is when I'm doing the A skip I'm always going to be on the balls of my feet. That way, I'm building up not only my calf muscles but also strengthening up my legs. When you actually go over the hurdle you're using leg action. You always have to practice staying on the balls of your feet and not be flat footed. So, the A skip simply involves opposite arm, opposite leg action. So, up, plant your foot down. Then alternate leg, plant your foot down. We're going to be moving as we do this. Check it out. Up, plant your foot down, up, plant your foot down. You'll be skipping when you do this. (video demo) That's the A skip. Now we're going to do the B skip. The difference between the A skip and the B skip is simply that when you go up you want to kick out when you come down. You want to practice that hurdle motion of planting your foot down when you come out. So, up on the balls of your feet, as always, opposite arm, opposite leg. Up, out, up, out. (video demo) That's the B skip. Now, the C skip is the most complicated of the three skips because it involves a lot of coordination and rhythm. Think of a beat in your head and all you have to do, like the A skip, you're going up, you're going down, but you also want to turn to the side. That makes it the C skip. You're up, you're down, to the side, you're down, you're up, and you're moving forward as you do this. So, up, down, side. You want to do that in a skipping motion with alternate legs as well. (video demo) That's the C skip. Now, high knees action. You're going to see this particular drill all across the board when it comes to sports. You might see some football players do it and basketball players do it. It's really a good exercise to do to get your heart rate up a little bit and to get warmed up. This one is called high knees. It's a high knee skip, or just high knees. All you're doing, you can actually do this in place, is you're going like this as high as you can go and you're moving forward as you go. And, just for me to emphasize, you want to do all these drills two times, up and back, for about 40 to 50 meters. Up and back and then turn around. Up and then turn around and come back for 50 meters, twice. That's the high knee. Now, for one of my favorites. It's pretty fun, actually, it's called karaoke?s. Again, no singing. What we have to do is turn to the side and you turn like this and you jump up. It's a little difficult to do it when you're stationary. But as you get moving, you're simply like this and you skip over. You're arm is going to go back around you. That's karaoke. Now we have butt kicks. Very basic. Self-explanatory. You're going to be doing the running motion just like this and you're going to start kicking your butt as you move along down the track. This is a very good exercise for working on your fascia muscles. All of these drills actually are to build up fascia muscles. When you're doing the 100 meter hurdles, the 400 meter hurdles even, building up your fascia muscles and really training your muscles to remember to be quick and fast along the track is really going to help you in your hurdling career, if that's what you want to make it, to help your athlete build up that quick speed fascia muscles. That's the butt kick. This last drill, I just call it side to side, because that's what you're doing. You're going down the track one way and down the track the other way. While you're going you're swinging your arm side to side over your head. Again, you're incorporating your arms, getting your arms warmed up as well as your legs. So, you're just going side-to-side, side-to-side. That's the side to side."

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In this course, Athletics Instructor Saidia Rafel gives 13 video lectures on Hurdle Agility Drills & Tips for Great Hurdling. Learn hurdle agility drills and tips for great hurdling from expert hurdler Saidia Rafel. Saidia will teach you A skip hurdle drills, how to warm up for running the hurdles, and the karaoke hurdle drill. She will give you free expert tips for great hurdling such as how to determine your lead leg, how to alternate steps when running the 110m hurdles and the 400m hurdles, and how to stay hydrated when hurdling.


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