Atomic Theory VII: Periodic Trends 
Atomic Theory VII: Periodic Trends
by Chemguy
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Date Added: May 2, 2009

Lecture Description

In this video lecture, Chemguy finishes electron configurations and takes up periodic table trends. He covers essential periodic table trends, such as Ionization Energy, Electron Affinity, Electronegativity and Atomic Radius.

- First Ionization Energy: the energy required to take away the outermost electron. As you go from left to right on the periodic table, the first ionization energy increases. As you go from top to bottom, the first ionization energy decreases.
- Electron Affinity: is the energy associated with the acquiring of an electron by a gaseous element. "How favorable is it to bring in an electron?" Electron affinity increases from going left to right on the periodic table.
- Atomic radius decreases across a row in the periodic table and increases from top to bottom in a column.

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Course Description

In this course, Rob Lederer (Chemguy) covers the entire Advanced Placement Chemistry curriculum for Grade 12 students enrolled in a Chemistry AP course. Topics included in these video lectures are: Thermodynamics, Bonding, Kinetics, Solutions, Stoichiometry and many more.

This course is also complemented by Chemguy's video lecture series: Senior Chemistry with Chemguy. It covers topics which this course does not, such as Redox Chemistry and Acids and Bases.

Perfect for high school students and even college students enrolled in an introductory chemistry course, Chemguy provides us with great and easy-to-follow lessons on the AP Chemistry curriculum, all made possible thanks to his great enthusiasm, passion for the subject and sense of humor.


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