Augustin's Theory of Faith 
Augustin's Theory of Faith
by Whitworth U / Bruce Gore
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Date Added: July 20, 2017

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The epistemology of Augustin led naturally to his understanding of the central importance of faith, not only as related to religious devotion, but also with respect to the entire idea of knowledge and learning in any discipline. For Augustin, 'faith precedes reason,' or as he put it, 'I believe in order to understand.' This axiom is not to be taken as warrant for credulity or gullibility, but rather as an explanation of how some type of belief must precede any learning experience at all.

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This wide ranging course starts with the pre-Socratic philosophers of the ancient world, and traces the history of philosophical speculation across the ages up to the present. Included along the way is special attention to the greatest Christian thinkers in history, including Augustine, Anselm, Aquinas, Luther, Calvin and many others.


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