Avoid the Wrong Job 
Avoid the Wrong Job
by Stanford / Stan Christensen
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Date Added: December 31, 2009

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Stan Christensen, Stanford instructor and a partner at Arbor Advisors, outlines a few of the erroneous career assumptions that land workers in an ill-fitting career. Don't take a job simply to build your resume; follow your passions, rather than guessing what an employer will want. The fun should outweigh the drudgery - even in entry-level positions. Don't feel that by taking one job, you're committing to a career; people switch teams often. And remain a generalist, rather than specializing in a single pursuit, as this will retain your flexibility and keep your skills from becoming irrelevant.

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Course Description

Lecture by Stan Christensen on Entrepreneurship for Stanford University students, November 12, 2008. Stan Christensen, partner at Arbor Advisors and Stanford instructor, advises those planning a career not to be overly concerned with a linear path. While certainly there are some jobs that require specific training and expertise, the majority of positions in the business world are available to the savvy and the willful who are willing to work their way in.

Original Course Name: Negotiations Course.


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