bar charts and histograms 
bar charts and histograms
by Harrison Kinsley
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Date Added: August 11, 2016

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The creates the bar chart for us. If you do not explicitly choose a color, then, despite doing multiple plots, all bars will look the same. This gives us a change to cover a new Matplotlib customization option, however. You can use color to color just about any kind of plot, using colors like g for green, b for blue, r for red, and so on. You can also use hex color codes, like #191970

Next, we can cover histograms. Very much like a bar chart, histograms tend to show distribution by grouping segments together. Examples of this might be age groups, or scores on a test. Rather than showing every single age a group might be, maybe you just show people from 20-25, 25-30... and so on.

sample code:

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Learn how to visualize data in the form of line graphs, bar charts, pie charts, 3D graphs, and more with Python 3 and Matplotlib.


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