Basic Derivative Formulas (Part 2) 
Basic Derivative Formulas (Part 2)
by Patrick JMT
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Date Added: July 13, 2009

Lecture Description

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Course Index

  1. Basic Derivative Formulas (Part 1)
  2. Basic Derivative Formulas (Part 2)
  3. Sketching the Derivative of a Function
  4. Equation of a Tangent Line
  5. Linearization at a Point
  6. Finding the Derivative Using Its Definition
  7. Product Rule (1/2)
  8. Product Rule (2/2)
  9. Quotient Rule (1/2)
  10. Quotient Rule (2/2)
  11. Derivatives Using the Chain Rule (Part 1)
  12. Derivatives Using the Chain Rule (Part 2)
  13. Chain Rule: Harder (Ex. 1)
  14. Chain Rule: Harder (Ex. 2)
  15. Chain Rule: Harder (Ex. 3)
  16. More Complicated Derivative Examples (Part 1)
  17. More Complicated Derivative Examples (Part 2)
  18. Using the Product and Chain Rule to Find a Derivative: Then Factoring and Simplifying
  19. Derivatives Using Implicit Differentiation (Part 1)
  20. Derivatives Using Implicit Differentiation (Part 2)
  21. Derivatives Using Implicit Differentiation (Part 3)
  22. Related Rates Problems and Implicit Differentiation
  23. Related Rates Involving a Cone
  24. Related Rates: A Point Moving on a Graph
  25. Related Rates: With Trigonometry
  26. Related Rates: Baseball Diamond Example
  27. Logarithmic Differentiation (Part 1)
  28. Logarithmic Differentiation (Part 2)
  29. Derivatives Involving Logarithmic Functions: ln(x), log (x), etc.
  30. Properties of Logarithms: Functions
  31. Derivatives Involving Exponential Functions: e^x, a^x, etc
  32. Derivatives Involving Inverse Trigonometric Functions
  33. Inverse Trigonometric Derivative: Example 1
  34. Inverse Trigonometric Derivative: Example 2
  35. Inverse Trigonometric Derivative: Example 3
  36. Inverse Trigonometric Derivative: Example 4
  37. Finding Partial Derivatives
  38. The General Chain Rule (Part 1)
  39. The General Chain Rule (Part 2)
  40. Newton's Method
  41. Where a Function is Increasing and Decreasing, Finding Local Max and Local Min
  42. Increasing/Decreasing, Local Maximums/Minimums
  43. Finding Critical Numbers (Part 1)
  44. Finding Critical Numbers (Part 2)
  45. First Derivative Test (Part 2)
  46. First Derivative Test (Part 2)
  47. Lagrange Multipliers: Finding Max or Min
  48. Using the Second Derivative to Find Local Max and Min
  49. Using the Second Derivative to Find Where a Function is Concave Up/Concave Down
  50. Optimization Problem (Part 1)
  51. Optimization Problem (Part 2)
  52. Optimization Problem (Part 3)
  53. Finding Local Max, Min and Saddle Points (Part 1)
  54. Finding Local Max, Min and Saddle Points (Part 2)
  55. Curve Sketching Using Calculus: (Part 1 of 2)
  56. Curve Sketching Using Calculus (Part 2 of 2)
  57. Directional Derivatives
  58. Differentials and Approximations

Course Description

In this course, Calculus Instructor Patrick gives 58 video lessons on Differentiation. Some of the topics covered are:  Derivative Formulas, Derivative of a Function, Equation of a Tangent Line, Linearization at a Point, Product Rule, Quotient Rule, Chain Rule, Logarithmic Differentiation, Newton's Method, Lagrange Multipliers, and many more.

Tags: Math, Math Calculus


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