Blackbody Radiation and the UV Catastrophe - Part 3 of 3 
Blackbody Radiation and the UV Catastrophe - Part 3 of 3
by Bob Eagle
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Date Added: April 5, 2015

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A description of the Blackbody and Ultra Violet Catastrophe problem and an indication of how it was the door to the subject of Quantum Mechanics by postulating that light was formed of particles (photons) which were packets (quanta) of energy.

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Course Description

This is a great series for anyone interested in getting started with quantum mechanics. DrPhysicsA provides crystal-clear explanations to difficult physics concepts that will help you move on to more detailed textbooks on quantum physics. He provides an introduction to the principles of quantum mechanics, including Heisenberg's uncertainty principle, the wave function, Schrödinger's Equation, particle in a box, blackbody radiation, the Einstein Podolsky Rosen paradox, Bell's inequality, Dirac notation, electron spin, Fermi-Dirac and Bose-Einstein statistics, and much more.


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