Breathing Technique 
Breathing Technique
by eHow / Peter Elizondo
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Date Added: July 22, 2009

Lecture Description

In this video elsson, Swimming Instructor Peter Elizondo teaches the correct breathing technique at the proper time.

Video Transcript:
PETER ELIZONDO: "In this section, I'm going to cover step seven of the breast stroke. So, remember, again, you started off prayer position. When you begin your kick, you're slicing into the water with a glide for about three to give seconds. Once that glide is starting to slow down, when you're doing breast stroke, then what you're going to want to end up doing is just facing your hands, you know, towards each other and then doing a pull. And you're going to pull back just like; basically like a; like an S; just like a half circle with your hands, and make sure your hands are fully closed and you'll pull. And when you do end up pulling, you're going to come up for air, and that's when you'll take your breath if you need it, it's up to you, but you'll take your breath for air, and then you'll put your head back in the water and go again. So, let me just recap that real quick for you guys; the reason why you want to do that. So, as you're gliding, right . You're slicing through the water. Your heads in the water. Once your glide begins to slow down, on the seventh step, you'll face your hands towards your; the top of your hands are going to end up facing towards each other, then you're going to end up pulling, and you're going to pull like a half circle. So, envision that half circle like this, and as you're pulling, that's when you're going to come up for air and you're going to take a breath, okay. And that's what you would end up doing on the seventh step. And as you saw, I was prayer positioned. I sliced into the water. Now, what I'm going to end up showing you is, you have your hands like a peddle. You're going to end up pulling towards yourself, right; pulling the water, and as you pull, that's when you're going to come up for a breath. So, you'll pull, come up for a breath and then continue your kick, alright. So, this one is the seventh part where you want to make sure that this is where you actually pull. You're going to pull yourself, once your legs are fully closed, so you'll look at my legs as well. So, after I do my kick, my legs are closed. That's when I'm going to end up pulling myself up for a breath. So, let me show you. And once again, here you go, watch me as when I come up for air, that's when my legs are straight and when I go into the water, that's when they're kicking."

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In this course, Swimming Instructor Peter Elizondo gives 10 video lessons on Swimming the Breaststroke. He teaches how to swim the breaststroke with proper kicking technique, hand technique, foot position, breathing technique, kick preparation and continuous strokes. He demonstrates how to do a half-circle kick and how to push-off the wall.


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