Case Study: Sterilization 
Case Study: Sterilization
by UC Berkeley / Lisa Pruitt
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Date Added: September 15, 2008

Lecture Description

(Feb 7th) In this video lecture, Prof. Lisa Pruitt discusses Sterilization.

Topics in this lecture: Methods of Sterilization, oxidation and aging in UHMWPE, THR with PTFE, articular surface in TJR, synthesis and structure, polyethylene, processing, ultra high molecular weigh polyethylene, glenoid retrievals, damage scoring, polymers response to radiation, oxidation, density, TEM - micro-structure evolution, Litigation

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Course Description

This course of UC Berkeley - Bio Engineering/ME C117: Structural Aspects of Biomaterials - provides an overview of medical devices, FDA regulatory issues, biocompatibility and sterilization technology. It examines biomechanical properties: isotropy/anisotropy, stiffness, bending stresses, contact stresses, multiaxial loading, plasticity, fatigue, fracture, wear, corrosion, design issues. Also covered: Orthopedics, Dental, Cardiovascular, and Soft Tissue Reconstruction.Professor Pruitt's current research is focused on fatigue and fracture micromechanisms, cyclic damage zones, and evolution of structure due to cyclic loading and environment in advanced polymers and biomaterials.


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