Common Math Notation in LaTeX (Part 2) 
Common Math Notation in LaTeX (Part 2)
by Mrs. Krummel
Video Lecture 3 of 13
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Date Added: April 14, 2016

Lecture Description

LaTeX tutorial using Texmaker. Topics include: superscripts, subscripts, greek letters, trig function, logarithmic functions, square roots, fractions, and displaystyle.

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Course Description

This is a series of video tutorials teaching the basics of LaTeX document typesetting, featuring Texmaker, and with an emphasis on math notation, including calculus. This short course of 9 tutorials is taught by Mrs. Kimmel, a mathematics teacher: "I have recorded to assist you in learning to create LaTeX documents. You will learn best by typing out the code yourself as you progress through the tutorials. Be prepared to pause the videos often, and take your time in working through the examples. Good luck, and happy typesetting!"


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