Compton Effect 
Compton Effect
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Lecture Description

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Course Index

  1. Introducing internal energy
  2. First law of thermodynamics and concept of the photon
  3. Quantized energy levels and demonstrations on spectroscopy
  4. Emission and absorption of photons, quantum harmonic oscillator
  5. Franck-Hertz, micro-lightning, rotational and vibrational levels-Part I
  6. Franck-Hertz, micro-lightning, rotational and vibrational levels-Part II
  7. Boltzmann distribution
  8. Macrostates, microstates and distribution of energies
  9. Entropy and second law of thermodynamics
  10. Entropy and temperature
  11. Wrapping it up: energy, entropy, temperature and its computation
  12. Atom and discovery of the electron
  13. Modern version of Thomson's experiment and Rutherford's nucleus
  14. Bohr's ideas
  15. What are waves?
  16. Building wavepackets-Part I
  17. Building wavepackets and Fourier inetgral-Part II
  18. Phase and group velocity, dispersion and demos on diffraction
  19. Problems with a classical description of the photoelectric effect
  20. Describing the photoelectric effect and X-rays
  21. Compton Effect
  22. The photon has momentum
  23. Double slit experiment with an elctron and wave-particle duality-Part I
  24. Double slit experiment with an elctron and wave-particle duality-Part II
  25. Introducing the wave function and meaning of wave-particle duality
  26. Meaning of superposition, example of delayed choice interference, collapse
  27. Demystifying the uncertainty principle-Part I
  28. Demystifying the uncertainty principle-Part II
  29. Demystifying the uncertainty principle and demonstration on linewidths-Part III
  30. Demystifying the uncertainty principle-Part IV
  31. Confining electrons to Bohrs radii, orbitals and introducing the Schrodinger equation
  32. Potential in a well and fluorescence from quantum dots
  33. Learning some aspects of quantum mechanics using the particle in a well
  34. Time dependence of stationary states and uncertainty principle
  35. Time dependence of superposition states, what does a superposition state signify
  36. Quantum obstacles and sloping potential wells
  37. Quantum mechanical tunneling
  38. Scanning tunneling microscopy, alpha decay and world's smallest movie
  39. Quantum sniffing, phonons, and properties of capacitors
  40. The quantum revolution in electronics and single electron transistors
  41. Interfering photons and electrons

Course Description

This is a set of lectures given by Dr. Muhammad Sabieh Anwar between January and May 2013 on the basics of modern physics. The audience are freshmen science and engineering students. The series covers modern physics and basics of statistical mechanics.


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