Continuous Stroke 
Continuous Stroke
by eHow / Peter Elizondo
Video Lecture 9 of 10
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Date Added: July 22, 2009

Lecture Description

In this video elsson, Swimming Instructor Peter Elizondo teaches how to continue the stroke fluidly without interruption.

Video Transcript:
PETER ELIZONDO: "Ok, on this section, on the step nine of the breast stroke, I'm going to end up explaining to you how to. Right, so you are back on prayer position from step eight. Your legs were up to your butt, you were getting prepared to kick. Now, this section, if you can kind of take a full body angle. All right. So you're right here on step eight. When you are getting prepared to kick, as you are doing the half circle and kicking, you are going to end up slicing through the water on step nine. So you're repeating and you are continuing with the breast stroke. And you are going to put your head back in the water after you took a breath. So, after I explain that, the reason that you want to do that is because when you came up from step seven, the half circle. And you are slicing into the water, you want to have your head in so your body looks like this when you are gliding. And so you are just that more aerodynamic, and you can just go that much more quicker, and its less effort on your part. That's the main reason why you do that. So again, step seven was like this. You come up half, your legs come up. And as your legs begin to kick, you're going to be in prayer position from step eight and slice in with step nine with your head in. And that is your full complete breast stroke. And thats what you would do for step nine of breast stroke. So you'll start off. You'll slice into the water. You'll pull. And as you pull thats when you'll be gliding with your feet together. So as you watch me do it, just pay attention to that. Every time I come up for a breath, my legs are straight out. And when I'm putting my hands back together in a prayer position, slicing into the water, that's when I kick. And with that kick I'm able to slice and glide for a while. And then I'll come back up for some air. So here we go. And then I'll come back this way. And if you guys do it just in that movement, you'll see that I don't have to like actually struggle as much. And I can still move quite a distance. And if you noticed, every time I brought my legs together and closed, I waited for a while. Because that extra three to five seconds, you're actually able to ride that glide a little bit more than cutting yourself short and working double."

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In this course, Swimming Instructor Peter Elizondo gives 10 video lessons on Swimming the Breaststroke. He teaches how to swim the breaststroke with proper kicking technique, hand technique, foot position, breathing technique, kick preparation and continuous strokes. He demonstrates how to do a half-circle kick and how to push-off the wall.


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