Creating Artwork with Wood 
Creating Artwork with Wood
by eHow / Robert Markey
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Date Added: July 20, 2009

Lecture Description

In this video lesson, eHow Expert Robert Markey teaches how to create artwork made from wood, which can take any shape, as it can be carved, glued, painted, burned, etched and mixed with many other materials to create a variety of textures.

Video Transcript:
ROBERT MARKEY: "Wood, one of the most elegant and toughest sculpture materials that there is. I'm Robert Markey, an artist and I'm talking about making are with wood. The possibilities are pretty endless. Here's a sculpture made of steel, wood, actually a actually a locust log, marble and more steel. The wood can just add a whole new dimension to something as very straight ahead, wshh.. the curve the beauty of that. Over here we have another piece. A hanging sphere.. made of wood that's been burnt, charred, cut out, held together with metal wire and then charred to be hung up in a tree, o.k. These are just two, two possibilities. Wood can be carved. Wood can be glued together to create a laminated thing. Wood can be bent in to a circle in to any kind of shape you want it. You can carve wood and make wood block prints out of it. You can paint wood. You can put wood on something else to make a basically a wooden mosaic out of that. The possibilities are really endless in terms of what you can do to make art from wood. There's a sculptor up in Vermont who makes huge sculptures out of lengths of firewood and they're beautiful. So the possibilities are really going to list. I'm Robert Markey, I've been talking about using wood to make art."

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Course Description

In this course, eHow Expert Robert Markey gives 4 easy video lessons on Painting. Learn how to do a Glass Mosaic, how to use Two-Point Perspective, how to Frame Pastels, and creating Artwork with wood.


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