CRT Display Devices (Part 3) 
CRT Display Devices (Part 3)
by NPTEL / Sukhendu Das
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Date Added: July 8, 2009

Lecture Description

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Course Index

  1. Introduction
  2. CRT Display Devices (Part 1)
  3. CRT Display Devices (Part 2)
  4. CRT Display Devices (Part 3)
  5. CRT Display Devices (Part 4)
  6. Transformations in 2D (Part 1)
  7. Transformations in 2D (Part 2)
  8. Three Dimensional Graphics (Part 1)
  9. Three Dimensional Graphics (Part 2)
  10. Three Dimensional Graphics (Part 3)
  11. Projection Transformations And Viewing Pipeline
  12. 3D Viewing: Projection Transformations And Viewing Pipeline
  13. Scan Converting Lines, Circles And Ellipses (Part 1)
  14. Scan Converting Lines, Circles And Ellipses (Part 2)
  15. Scan Converting Lines, Circles And Ellipses (Part 3)
  16. Scan Converting Lines, Circles And Ellipses (Part 4)
  17. Scan Converting Lines, Circles And Ellipses (Part 5)
  18. Polyfill: Scan Conversion Of A Polygon (Part 1)
  19. Polyfill: Scan Conversion Of A Polygon (Part 2)
  20. Clipping: Lines And Polygons (Part 1)
  21. Clipping: Lines And Polygons (Part 2)
  22. Clipping Lines
  23. Solid Modelling (Part 1)
  24. Solid Modelling (Part 2)
  25. Solid Modelling (Part 3)
  26. Visible Surface Detection (Part 1)
  27. Visible Surface Detection (Part 2)
  28. Visible Surface Detection (Part 3)
  29. Visible Surface Detection (Part 4)
  30. Visible Surface Detection (Part 5)
  31. Visible Surface Detection (Part 6)
  32. Visible Surface Detection (Part 7)
  33. Illumination And Shading (Part 1)
  34. Illumination And Shading (Part 2)
  35. Illumination And Shading (Part 3)
  36. Curve Representation (Part 1)
  37. Curve Representation (Part 2)
  38. Curves And Surface Representation
  39. Graphics Programming Using Open GL (Part 1)
  40. Graphics Programming Using Open GL (Part 2)
  41. Advanced Topics
  42. Digital Image Processing (Part 1)
  43. Digital Image Processing (Part 2)

Course Description

In this course, Prof. Sukhendu Das gives 43 video lectures on the concepts of Computer Graphics. Some of the topics covered include:

2D and 3D Transformations, Abstractions in OpenGL – GL, GLU & GLUT, Active and Passive Graphics Devices, Area sub-division Method, Axonometric Projections, Bezier Curves and Surfaces, BSP Trees, B-spline Curves, Curve Fit, and Curve Subdivision, Calligraphic Refresh Graphics Displays, Camera Models, Canonical View Volume (CVV), Cathode Ray Tube Basics, Color CRT Raster Scan Basics, Combined Transformation Matrices, Cubic Splines, Curve Representation, Display Technologies, Filling and Clipping Polygons, Geometric Interpretation of Homogeneous Coordinates, Gouraud Shading, Histogram Equalization, Illumination and Shading Models for Polygons, Input Devices for Operator Interaction, LCD Displays, Mathematics of Planar Geometric Projections, Mid-point Criteria, Multiple Transformation, Nonparametric and Parametric Curves, Oblique and Orthographic Projections, Painter’s Algorithms (depth sorting), Parametric Cubic Curves, Parametric Representations of a Circle, Ellipse, Parabola, and Hyperbola, Perspective Transformations, Phong’s Model, Quadric Surfaces, Random-Scan Display Processor, Reflection through an Arbitrary Line and Plane, Regularized Boolean Set Operations, Rotation About an Arbitrary Axis in Space, Rotation About an Arbitrary Point, Scaling, Scan Converting Circles, Ellipses, and Lines, Scan-line Method, Solid Body Transformations, Storage Tube Graphics Displays, Sweep and Spatial-Partitioning Representations, Techniques for Generating Perspective Views, The General Conic Equation, Three-Dimensional, Shearing, Translation, Transformation of Points and of the Unit Square, Transformations and Matrices, Vanishing Points, Video Basics, Video Controller, Visible-Surface Ray Tracing, Window-to-Viewport Transformations and many more.


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