Dribbling with Your Knees in Basketball 
Dribbling with Your Knees in Basketball
by eHow / Travis Corpening
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Date Added: July 11, 2009

Lecture Description

In this video lesson, Basketball Instructor, Travis Corpening, teaches how to dribble with your knees. This is a great drill you can do to improve you agility and handling skills.

Video Transcript: TRAVIS CORPENING: "One thing that you might want to do, it's kind of cool, it's not really something that you would want to use during the game or, you could, I have, is a knee dribble. It's a cool little move that you might want to use to impress your friends. So, what you want to do is, with a knee dribble, you want to drop the ball first. Drop it. You want to drop it, so that your knee can come right over top of it. When you drop it, you hit it with a knee, that's where you start. You drop and hit the knee. Hit it with a knee, drop it and hit it with a knee. When you get good with that, then you could come in and start the add the next part. So, alright, I've been practicing of dropping and getting it with the knee, dropping it and getting it with the knee, now I can switch and use my other leg. So, once you start to get it, you can start maybe two or, three times. Start with two times, and then the more you do it the better you get at it. Eventually, you'll get to the point, where you can dribble all over the court dribbling it off your knee. So, it's not going to be something that, for some of you it might be easy, it might start out being easy, but for some of you others it might be a little more difficult. But, like I said, start out just dropping it, getting your knee above the ball so that when you hit it. But, you don't want to kick it, you do not want to kick the ball. If you kick the ball you'll lose it or, it will go, it can go anywhere. So, you want to have it over top of the ball, and you want to raise your knee enough, raise your leg enough so that you can dribble and put pressure down on the ball so you can control it. There you have it dribbling with your knee."

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In this course, Basketball Instructor Travis Corpening gives 15 easy video lessons on Advanced Basketball Techniques. In this video series on basketball, expert Travis Corpening will teach you about advanced basketball techniques. He'll teach you how to perfect your crossover dribble, do a shot fake, jump stop, ball fakes, and the no look and behind the back pass. He'll talk about v-cuts, setting screens, spin moves, dribbling with your knees, and the turn around jump shot. He'll even tell you how to do a 360 dunk, a one and two handed alley oop pass, and even how to pass the ball to yourself.


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