Egg Beater Kick for Synchronized Swimming 
Egg Beater Kick for Synchronized Swimming
by eHow / Ymajahi Brooks
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Date Added: July 10, 2009

Lecture Description

In this video lesson, Synchronized Swimming Instructor, Ymajahi Brooks, teaches the egg beater kick technique for synchronized swimming.

Video Transcript: "YMAJAHI BROOKS: "Synchronized swimmers perform a lot of their arm movements without standing on the bottom by using what's called the eggbeater kick. You're making circles with your legs in order to keep their face out of the water without standing on the bottom. In order to practice this skill it's good to start on the edge of the pool. You separate your legs as much as you can, flex your feet; knees are up as high as they can possibly be. You want to start by kicking your right foot out to the side, circling it around, putting it back on the wall. Take your left foot, kick it out to the side, circle it around, put it back on the wall. You want to do this about a hundred times a day, a hundred circles on each leg so your legs get comfortable so eventually they pass right by each other without stopping. Right, left, right, left, right, left. These same skills can be performed with your back against the wall, elbows up, knees up high, flex your feet, right foot, left foot, right, left, right, left, right, left. Until you get comfortable enough to practice it off the wall. So now that we have practiced on the wall, we're off the bottom, knees are wide up to the surface as high as you can get them. Presentation is everything. Not standing on the bottom you can use your arms and travel."

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Brightly smiling women in colorful one-piece bathing suits, donning white swimming caps, rising slowly out the water on a giant birthday cake replete with sparklers, diving off into the swimming pool in a perfectly timed sequence, each swimmer keeping form with the person before them. A bird’s eye shot of a circle of swimmers, each kicking their legs and waving their arms to create a kaleidoscope of geometric patterns. A beautiful water ballet, where all of the dancers move to a common, well-choreographed theme. These are just some of the tricks that an experienced synchronized swim team can pull off.

In this course, Synchronized Swimming Instructor Ymajahi Brooks gives 15 easy video lessons on Synchronized Swimming. Some of the topics covered in this course are: Stretches, Warm-up Exercices, Basic Strokes, Breathing Exercises, Egg Beater Kick, Body Jumps, Back Layout Sculls, Torpedo Sculls, Alligator Sculls, Support Sculls, Ballet Leg, Split Walkout, Barracuda Thrust, Hybrid Synchronized Swimming Figures, and many more. 


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