Egypt and the Era of the Israelite Judges 
Egypt and the Era of the Israelite Judges
by Whitworth U / Bruce Gore
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The Israelite nation gradually established itself in Canaan during a period of significant international conflict between Egypt and the Hittites, culminating in the Battle of Qadesh in 1276 b.c. The mention of the "Apiru" by the Phoenicians, as well as the reference to Israel in the so-called "Israel Stele" of Meremptah, all point to a significant Israelite population in Canaan during the latter part of the second millenium b.c. According to the biblical chronology, this would coorelate with the era of the charismatic leaders in Israel generally known as the 'judges.' For more free resources, please visit

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Course Description

Beginning with ancient Sumer in Mesopotamia, and finishing with the Roman world of the New Testament, this wide ranging series of lectures will acquaint the student with the major personalities and civilizations that comprise the context of the biblical story. The stories of the Bible take on rich meaning as they are understood against the backdrop of the great events of the ancient world.

This series of lectures will serve as a companion to the textbook by Bruce, which goes by the same title.


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