Electric Actuators 
Electric Actuators
by NPTEL / Amarnath Chitta
Video Lecture 7 of 40
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Date Added: October 24, 2009

Lecture Description

This video lecture, part of the series Robotics by Prof. Amarnath Chitta, does not currently have a detailed description and video lecture title. If you have watched this lecture and know what it is about, particularly what Mechanical Engineering topics are discussed, please help us by commenting on this video with your suggested description and title. Many thanks from,

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Course Description

In this course, Prof. P. Seshu, Prof. P.S. Gandhi, Prof. K. Kurien Issac, Prof. B. Seth and Prof. C. Amarnath give 40 video lectures on Robotics. Topics discussed in this course are:

- Brief History

- Types of robots

- Uses of robots

- Presentation of status and future trends in robotics

- Overview of robot subsystems

- Issues in designing and controlling robots: resolution, repeatability and accuracy, transmission

- Robot configurations and concept of workspace

- Mechanisms and transmission

- Robot Anatomy: End effectors and actuators, Sensors and controllers.

- Different types of grippers, vacuum and other methods of gripping

- Pneumatic, hydraulic and electric actuators

- Internal and external sensors

- Position, velocity and acceleration sensors

- Proximity sensors

- Force sensors

- Laser range finder

- Micro-controllers


- Centralized controllers

- Real time operating systems

- Point to point and continuous motion specifications for typical applications

- Joint interpolation

- Task space interpolation

- Executing user specified tasks

- Position and orientation of rigid bodies

- Spatial mechanism description

- Denavit-Hartenberg notation

- Homogenous transformation

- Forward and inverse position analysis

- Velocity mapping

- Static force analysis

- Singularities

- Acceleration mapping

- Independent joint control

- PD and PID feedback

- Actuator models

- Nonlinearity of manipulator models

- Issues in nonlinear control

- Force feedback

- Hybrid control

- Obstacle avoidance

- Configuration space

- Road map methods

- Graph search algorithms

- Potential field methods

- Camera model and perspective transformation

- Image processing fundamentals for robotic applications

- Image acquisition and preprocessing

- Segmentation and region characterization

- Object recognition by image matching and based on features

- Problem of bin-picking

- Micro-robotics and MEMS (Micro electro mechanical systems)

- Fabrication technology for micro-robotics

- Stability issues in legged robots

- Under-actuated manipulators


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