Electric Potential 
Electric Potential
by UMKC / Jerzy M. Wrobel
Video Lecture 6 of 51
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Date Added: March 28, 2010

Lecture Description

In this video lecture, UMKC Physics Department's Professor Jerzy Wrobel discusses motion of a particle in an electric field, defines the electric potential and relates electric field vector with the electric potential. He also presents a method of measuring electric potential.

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Course Description

Physics for Science and Engineering course is being offered by UMKC's Physics Department. In this course, UMKC Prof. Jerzy Wrobel gives 51 video lectures on the fundamental principles of physics. Lectures are based on Physics for Scientists and Engineers, 7th edition, by R.A. Serway & J.W. Jewett, Jr. Topics discussed include Electricity, Magnetism, Light and Optics and Modern Physics.

Original Course Name: 250 Physics For Science And Engineering II

Textbook: 8th edition of a textbook Physics for Scientists and Engineers authored R.A. Serway & J.W. Jewett, Jr.

Prerequisite: Physics 240: Science And Engineering I
Corequisite: Calculus II or consent of instructor.

Offered: Fall and Winter 2010


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