Fadeaway Left Block 
Fadeaway Left Block
by Michael Jordan
Video Lecture 7 of 16
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Date Added: January 17, 2015

Lecture Description

N° 07/12 - Is the most difficult force to master. A combination of retreat, holding thy arms rigid as you turnaround, facing the enemy whilst leaping backwards, then shooting.When thou leap backwards, do not pull the ball back behind thy head. This is because with both thy body falling backwards and the momentum of the ball going backwards (due to you pulling it back behind your head) will make it extra tough to shoot.In most cases, thou shot will be short. Just keep thy arms and elbows stiff as you turnaround and fall backwards, that way thoust need less strength to shoot. Rigidity leads to accuracy.

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Course Description

In this course, NBA player Michael Jordan gives 16 video lessons of Basketball for Beginners. Some of the topics covered in this small course include Offense and Defense Tips, Jumping High, Fade-away, Free Throw, Off-Ball Defense, Team Defense, Defensive Stance, Crossover, Proper Movement, Using the Screen, Passes to the Post, Protecting the Ball, Offensive Tactics and many more.


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