Fashion Police: Manicure Emergency 
Fashion Police: Manicure Emergency
by VideoJug
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Date Added: August 14, 2009

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The Fashion Police are here with their latest Beauty 911 - to show women how to deal with broken, chipped nails - fast.

If your nail varnish is chipped, or if you've broken a nail, make sure you don't bite your nails. Any small breaks in a nail should be filed down, as leaving them or biting them will only make them worse. File your nails from corner to centre - never file your nails from side to side as this will weaken them. Don't use metal files as they are can damage your nails. If you want to reapply your nail varnish, remove any old varnish before applying a new coat. For long lasting nails, apply a clear base coat, followed by the coloured varnish, and finally a clear top coat. Run your hands under cold water to harden the nail varnish quickly.

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In this course, VideoJug gives 15 video lessons on Tips and Tricks for Manicures. Learn How To Do The 1980's Leopard Print Look, How To Give Yourself A French Manicure, How To Apply Nail Polish, How To File And Buff Your Nails and many more.


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