Fun with polyominoes 
Fun with polyominoes
by UNSW / N.J. Wildberger
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Date Added: March 14, 2015

Lecture Description

Polyominoes are shapes formed formed unit squares (cells) in the grid plane, connected in such a way that we can go from any one square to another via common edges. Polyominoes with three squares are called trominoes, with four squares they are tetrominoes (popularized by the game Tetris) and with five square they are pentominoes (popularized by the game Blokus).

In this video we count polyominoes of different forms, and investigate some nice tiling problems. Some of these puzzles are very challenging, but fun even for elementary primary school students.

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Feel like learning mathematics from the ground up? Here is your chance: K-6 mathematics explained intuitively but accurately in a novel way by a professional pure mathematician.

The series is meant for those who are teaching public or high school, parents who have children in those years, and anyone who would like to strengthen their understanding of the subject.


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