Gliding Through Water 
Gliding Through Water
by eHow / Peter Elizondo
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Date Added: July 22, 2009

Lecture Description

In this video elsson, Swimming Instructor Peter Elizondo teaches how to glide through the water while slicing the hands through the water.

Video Transcript: PETER ELIZONDO: "In this section, I'm going to be covering step six. So remember, on step five, the prayer position, no open hands, they're closed, right--and right up to the chest. In step six, as you kick, which I'll be showing in a later segment, when you do end up kicking, you're going to end up slicing into the water with your hands like this. And the reason why is because if you have your hands open, you're grabbing into the water and you're not being as effective, and you're not going as fast. And also, like this, you're more aerodynamic, so pretty much you're breaking through the water, so that way the rest of your body can follow. And when you kick, it's going to really give you a nice little glide, and you'll end up pushing off as you kick, just like this, and just hold it for anywhere from three to five seconds when you're in the water. And that's how you do the sixth step for breast stroke, using your upper body. This section, it's a continuation of step six. And so now that you have your hands placed like this, prayer position, you're going to end up actually slicing into the water when you kick. So I'm going to show you here in a bit, it's going to be the full breast stroke. But really pay attention to how, as I kick, it slices into the water with my kick. And that's going to be your glide as well. And I'll come back and show you the rest. And there you go. That's how you slice into the water. You always make sure it's very tight and you cut into the water as you kick."

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In this course, Swimming Instructor Peter Elizondo gives 10 video lessons on Swimming the Breaststroke. He teaches how to swim the breaststroke with proper kicking technique, hand technique, foot position, breathing technique, kick preparation and continuous strokes. He demonstrates how to do a half-circle kick and how to push-off the wall.


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