Grande Battement 
Grande Battement
by eHow / Eileen O'Brien
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Date Added: July 2, 2009

Lecture Description

In this video lesson, Ballet Instructor, Eileen O'Brien, teaches how to do a plie ballet position for ballet dancing beginners.

Video Transcript: "Hi I'm Eileen O'Brien for Expert Village in Suncoast Dance Academy in this clip we will be demonstrating Grande Battma starting from our first position our demonstrator is Jolene Stevens. She's standing in a beautiful first position with heels together toes turned out, she's doing the preparation movement for the arms and she's going to extend her right leg straight forward and up in the air, four times with a beautiful straight leg. The foot points as soon as she leaves the floor, four to the side notice that she's keeping the shoulders and her hips nice and square. Notice that her left foot her supporting foot is staying in that beautiful turned out position and she's finish with four the side. Again going through the anqua configuration of front side back and side, arms come down demi plie beautiful finish, thank you Jolene that was beautiful and that concludes our grande battma."


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Course Description

In this course, Ballet Instructor Eileen O'Brien gives 15 easy video lessons on how to do Beginning Ballet Steps. Learn how to do beginning ballet dancing steps and positions with expert tips in this free ballet lesson video series. Some of the topics covered in this course are: Plie, Battement Tendus, Battement Degage, Rand De Jambre, Frappe, Ballet Stretches, Grande Battement, Ballet Chasse, Ballet Glissade, Pique, Jumps, Reverence Ballet Movements and many more.


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