Hanon Method 
Hanon Method
by Andrew Furmanczyk
Video Lecture 34 of 40
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Date Added: May 23, 2009

Lecture Description

In this video lesson, Andrew Furmanczyk explains what the Hanon exercise book is used for. Pros and cons of the Hanon Method are discussed, as well as the difference between the finger centric belief and the whole body belief.

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Course Description

In this course, Andrew Furmanczyk, gives 40 video lessons on the basics of piano and how to play piano by yourself. There are many topics covered in these piano lessons ranging from the names of the notes, to the circle of fifths, to harmonic progressions, or even a lesson on how to perform for an audience.

The original name for this course is: Learn How To Play Piano (NEW). This course has 40 video lessons on the basics of piano.

To get in contact with Andrew and subscribe to his videos, please visit his YouTube Channel and Official website:

YouTube Channel: http://www.youtube.com/lypur
Official website: http://www.howtoplaypiano.ca


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