How to Dig a Spike in Volleyball 
How to Dig a Spike in Volleyball
by eHow / Addison Musser
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Date Added: July 11, 2009

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In this video lesson, Volleyball Instructor, Addison Musser, teaches how to dig a spike in volleyball. This s done by facing where the ball is coming from on a spike and passing it off the forearms while absorbing the trajectory of the ball.

Video Transcript: "ADDISON MUSSER: "Hey, my names Addison from Captain Bills and I'm going to teach you how to dig a spike in volleyball. Spiking or hitting is used most of the time in order to score a point. A lot of times players will jump above the net to spike the ball down so when you're spiking it down you want to try to get behind the ball and dig it up so that your team can score the next point. Probably the most important part of digging a spiking volleyball is to get your trunk or your, your waist behind the ball. You want your, your waist to face where you want to pass the ball. So if the ball, if the spike is coming from my left side I'm not going to want to dig facing the opposite way. Or perpendicular to the spiker. I'm going to want to face exactly where the ball is coming form so that I can pass it off my forearms while absorbing the trajectory of the ball. So while I absorb the power from the hitter I'm going to make the easier to come up off of my hands for the setter to have the next ball. And that is how to dig a spike in volleyball."

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In this course, Volleyball Instructor Addison Musser gives 20 easy video lessons on How To Play Volleyball. In this video series, let a longtime volleyball player explain the game of volleyball. First, learn how a volleyball court is set up, how to keep score, as well as how to keep score, spike, block, bump and set a volleyball and how to jump serve. Next, get instructions on buying an outdoor volleyball net, dinking a volleyball, digging out a spike and pancaking a volleyball. Finally, learn about floating a serve, overhand serving, reading a volleyball court and running volleyball drills.


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