How to Do a Glass Mosaic 
How to Do a Glass Mosaic
by eHow / Robert Markey
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Date Added: July 20, 2009

Lecture Description

In this video lesson, eHow Expert Robert Markey teaches how a Glass Mosaic is done by cutting pieces of glass to the desired shapes, gluing them down onto a base with thin-set mortar and applying grout over the entire piece.

Video Transcript:
ROBERT MARKEY: "I'm Robert Markey. I'm an artist and I'm going to talk about doing a glass mosaic. Now when you say glass mosaic, there's a lot of different types of glass used in mosaics. You can use stained glass. This is a special venetian glass called smalty. This is actually broken glass from airport lights, that a friend gave me. And these are kind of a standard vitreous glass tiles that most glass mosaics are made out of. So, we're going to do a little bit with these. And then the other, the other thing is what do you do the mosaic on? And there's easy board or cement board which is a nice sub straight. You can do it on flower pots, sculpture, whatever. One of my favorites is actually just a ceramic tile. So, in terms of applying the mosaics you can do it right in a thin set mortar, especially if it's outside, or you can use a glue. And there are a number of kinds of glues you can use to glue them down. Cutting the tile, they're called, actually it's called tesserae a piece in, in mosaic is called tesserae. And this is used for cutting glass. It's a mosaic glass cutter. Basically you're going to hold it there with one side down and snap it. And there you have it. OK? So, in order to lay the tiles you can put a little bit of glue on a back, glue it. And now we'll assume you have either a drawing or an idea or maybe it's totally abstract and there's your next one. And the process basically is you cut and sometimes you're going to lay out the whole thing and then come back and glue it. Or you lay out a little bit. You may want to do something like that. Have some texture in it. And then you like that so then you're going to glue them down and then when it's done, the idea of grouting it some mosaic tiles you grout, some you don't. And that's a whole, that's a whole another issue right there. So, I'm Robert Markey and we've talked about putting down glass mosaic tiles."

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In this course, eHow Expert Robert Markey gives 4 easy video lessons on Painting. Learn how to do a Glass Mosaic, how to use Two-Point Perspective, how to Frame Pastels, and creating Artwork with wood.


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