How to Do a Pancake in Volleyball 
How to Do a Pancake in Volleyball
by eHow / Addison Musser
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Date Added: July 11, 2009

Lecture Description

In this video lesson, Volleyball Instructor, Addison Musser, teaches how to do a pancake in volleyball. This is done by taking a hand and putting on the ground so the ball lands on top of it.

Video Transcript: "ADDISON MUSSER: "Hey, my name is Addison from Captain Bill's, and I'm going to show you, how to do a pancake in volleyball. Pancake in volleyball is, when you take your hand and put it onto the ground like a pancake, and the ball lands on top. So when you're try to do a pancake, what you want to do is, you want to lay all the way out, extend your body to its fullest ability and try to aim for your hand to be under the ball, so the ball pops straight up. In indoor volleyball it's very effective, because you have a hard ground, and a lot of times you need to sprawl out for a ball, so when you're sprawling out for a ball, you want to dive, and like I said, stretch out your body, and stretch out your arm, and make sure your hand is under, flat on the ground, and underneath the ball, so the ball pops straight up. And beach volleyball is used every once and a while, but not a whole lot, because the sand is very unstable, and you can't get a good, you can't get your hand on the ground, and have a flat surface to get up the volleyball. And that's how to pancake a volleyball."

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In this course, Volleyball Instructor Addison Musser gives 20 easy video lessons on How To Play Volleyball. In this video series, let a longtime volleyball player explain the game of volleyball. First, learn how a volleyball court is set up, how to keep score, as well as how to keep score, spike, block, bump and set a volleyball and how to jump serve. Next, get instructions on buying an outdoor volleyball net, dinking a volleyball, digging out a spike and pancaking a volleyball. Finally, learn about floating a serve, overhand serving, reading a volleyball court and running volleyball drills.


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