How to Float in Water 
How to Float in Water
by eHow / Peter Elizondo
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Date Added: June 29, 2009

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In this video lesson, Swimming Instructor, Peter Elizondo, teaches how to Float before learning to swim.

Video Transcript: "In this step, which is the first step for free-style, I'm going to be showing you how to do basics, which is just floating. The reason why, I'm sure a lot of you already know how to float. You do it like an airplane. You have your arms out. Your head is in. Your chin is close to your chest like this and you body is completely straight. The reason why I explain that to people when I teach them how to free-style swim is because a lot of times you'll see people bringing their heads up or moving side to side or later on when your learning how to breath you may move diagonally both ways so when really it comes down to just floating. If you guys just float there in the water right now your body will naturally move with the water. So, with free-style swim really it's just barely moving your arms and your legs and then of course you can intensify it as it goes later. The first thing you want to do is just get down to basics and just float. Just relax and see how your body naturally just floats with the water and has that buoyancy. Okay, and that's the first step for the free-style. Like I had said before; you go back to basics, so, floating on your face. We all know how to float on the face but I just want to show you how as I float my body will move. That's very important to remember because as you swim free-style a lot of people try to like fight the water. They feel like they can't move too much when really, in reality, if you just float naturally your body's going to move with buoyancy. So, here we go. So, see how I moved. So now, can you imagine with your arms and your legs it's only going to help you move a little bit further."


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In this course, Instructor Peter Elizondo gives 10 easy video lessons with swimming tips and techniques for freestyle swimmers or beginners. Learn how to swim the freestyle stroke in this free swimming video. Topics covered in this series of videos are: Floating in Water, Flutterkicking, Breathing Techniques, different types of Strokes and many more.



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