How to Frame Pastels
by eHow / Robert Markey
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Date Added: July 20, 2009

Lecture Description

In this video lesson, eHow Expert Robert Markey teaches that when framing pastel drawings, you must use archival tape to adhere the piece to the back of a mat, mount the piece on backing board and lay glass and the decorative frame around the entire piece.

Video Transcript:
ROBERT MARKEY: "Hi, I'm Robert Markey, I'm an artist and I'm going to talk about framing pastels. Now, in a process there are a few esthetic decisions you're going to make in terms of the color the matte, the kind of frame, the size of your borders. But let's assume that we'll do that so it looks the way we want it. The actual technical process is you take the size of your pastel and you need about a quarter to a half inch over lap on your matte, o.k. So, when you hang the pastel on the matte, you can do so with a piece of, and it should be archival tape, right across the top, just one side on here, o.k. and the other's going to hang loose. And for sure you check to see that's the way we want it to look, o.k. And then take your frame, and on this one we're using a brass metal frame, and because glass you had cut to size to fit right in the frame and you put the frame together three sides, you put the glass in and now we slide in the matted pastel. And make sure we do it right side up. Now you have a backer board and there are some options for that. You can use another piece of matte board and little metal clips. I like the foam board, it's archival, it's a little better quality and it just slips right in and then the last piece of frame goes on and then tighten it down and there we have it, the framed pastel. I'm Robert Markey and this has been about framing pastels."

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In this course, eHow Expert Robert Markey gives 4 easy video lessons on Painting. Learn how to do a Glass Mosaic, how to use Two-Point Perspective, how to Frame Pastels, and creating Artwork with wood.


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