How to Grease the Slides on a French Horn 
How to Grease the Slides on a French Horn
by eHow / Katherine Liesener
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Date Added: July 19, 2009

Lecture Description

In this video lesson, Expert Katherine Liesener teaches how to grease the slides of a French horn for better playing.

Transcript: KATHERINE LIESENER: "Hi! My name is Katie and I'm here on behalf of to show you how to grease slides on a French horn. Now keeping your slides greased is basic for maintenance and it is very important because you need to be able to move your slides first of all for intonation so you could adjust them by pulling them out or pushing them in and second of all so you could take them all the way out if you need to dump your spit. Now the best way to do this I will show you so here is the slide that have got taken out of that horn. You to buy some kind of tuning slide grease that you should be able to find at any basic music store. I usually use my fingers so I can control as best as possible where the grease is going but it is up to you if you rather not. You want to apply it as you are right here towards the end of the tubing, you want to apply it all the way around the perimeter like so. Now once you have done that you are going to put it into the horn. Now particularly when you are taking slides out or putting them back in on this side of the horn with the keys, remember to press down the key that corresponds to the tubing where you are going to be putting the slide in so the pressure does not build up. If you are doing as I'm doing here you doing the side underneath which is the B flat side of the horn you would press on that key and the thumb key. Okay so I have my first finger pressed down, I have my thumb pressed down, I'm going to push the slide all the way end. Now because I put the grease right at the very end of the tubing as I pushed it in the entire tubes, the entire way to break tubes without the grease. So now I pull on them and I press in, out, in, and your repeat this as often necessary until you find where it starts moving much more smoothly as it did before. Once you have done all of these steps go ahead and put it back to the intonation setting where you had it before and now that slide is greased and you don't have to worry about it."

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In this course, eHow Expert Katherine Liesener gives 23 video lessons on How To Play the French Horn. Learn basic tips and techniques for playing this brass instrument, including how to hold the horn, form proper embouchure, and changing pitch using your lips, the rotary valves, or by putting your hand in the bell. Also learn some intermediate French horn skills involving orchestral music, like how to play slurs, legato, glissando, staccato, and accent notes. Finally, get some practical care and maintenance tips for your horn, as well as some basic guidelines for creating a practice routine.


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