How to Make Cheerleading Tryouts 
How to Make Cheerleading Tryouts
by eHow / Lucy Spain
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Date Added: August 12, 2009

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In this video lesson, Cheerleading Instructor Lucy Spain teaches the best way to make cheerleading tryouts, which is to begin preparing at least three months in advance, with proper diet, exercise and daily stretching.

Video Transcript:
LUCY SPAIN: "Hi, I'm Lucy Spain here to talk to you about how to make cheerleading try outs. Cheerleading try outs are something you should start preparing for at least three months ahead of time as your body needs this much time to get ready. You're going to want to start exercising, watching your diet and stretching every day three months prior to your try outs. It's also a good idea to inquire the squad you're trying out for and know what the requirements are. After you find out the requirements, you should sign up for a gymnastics class, a dance class, or enroll yourself into cheerleading camp. After you do these things, it's important to rent cheerleading videos or go to collegiate and community games to watch the cheerleaders there because you'll learn more things the more you watch. When the time for the try outs approaches, you want to make sure you dress with no jewelry, wear clothes that are fitted so they won't get in the way, make sure your hair and make-up are neatly done and make sure your nails are trimmed. It's also important to make sure you have a flat footed shoe on. This way when you're doing stunts with your other girls on your squad, the bases will have something to grab on the flier's foot which is really important. You should also know if you're trying out to be a base or a flier. When you show up at try outs, make sure you fill out all your paperwork honestly. It's really important to make sure you show up with confidence, and a smile on your face always. You're going to start out by learning the routine from the coaches and former captains. You should learn attentively, try to pay attention and then go practice alone for a while and then practice with a group. When it's your turn to take the floor, make sure you show spirit. That's going to get your true personality across and may give you an edge up if it comes down to picking between you and another girl. When it comes time to finding out, make sure you take it in stride whether you make it or you don't, because there's always next year. Good luck."

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In this course, Cheerleading Instrucutor Lucy Spain gives 11 video lessons on Cheerleading Stunts and Accessories.

Cheerleading was invented by a man in 1898, who first directed a crowd in cheering on the University of Minnesota. Since then, cheerleading has become a popular culture phenomenon and a sport. Cheerleaders began as male; but slowly females, who had few offerings for collegiate-level athletics, dominated the hobby. In the early 1970s, the Dallas Cowgirls changed professional cheerleading into simply dance, removing most of the stunts and tumbling in favor of revealing outfits and choreography. In the early 1980s, cheerleading as a competitive sport became popular, and stunts and gymnastics gained in popularity for high school teams. Now there are both amateur and pro official styles of cheering. In this free video series on cheerleading, an experienced cheerleader demonstrates a variety of cheerleading stunts and explains cheerleading accessories like hair bows and pom poms. Learn to do cheerleading toe touches and cheerleading jumps. Perform the splits and a cheerleading pyramid with the help of an expert, all in this free video series on cheerleading.


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