How to Play Soccer 
How to Play Soccer
by eHow / Guillermo Gomez
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In this video lesson, Soccer Instructor, Guillermo Gomez, teaches how to play soccer. When playing soccer, the team that scores the most goals wins.

Video Transcript:
"GUILLERMO GOMEZ: "Hi, my name is Guillermo Gomez. I coach youth soccer. And today I'll be talking to you about how to play the game of soccer. The game of soccer requires a ball, a soccer ball. Some cleats. Especially if you play on a grass surface. So that way that you have some traction while you are playing the game. Basically you can go out to the park with your friends, set up two goals, and the object of the game is to score goals. The more goals you score, you'll win the game. You have an offense. So your offense is when you have possession of the ball. And a defense. That is when you are trying to stop the other team from scoring any goals. The game of soccer is played with your legs, with your feet. You can actually use your head as well, your shoulders. But not your hands. You can try balls with your chest. You know, so practically you can use all parts of your body except your hands. Let me emphasize that in the game of soccer if you stop the ball with this part of your arm, it will be considered a hand ball. So you also want to avoid any part, from here down, while you are playing the game of soccer. So the most. The amount of players on the field that you need are it's eleven on eleven. But if you just want to do it for fun with your friends, you can play three on three. Four on four. It's just, you know, it'd just be very expend time. Usually it's a lot of fun. Again just emphasize not to use your hands and try to score as many goals as possible. If you play organized soccer, you will find that your coach will require a specific formation. And it's up to him to decide. Normally, most common formation in soccer, is you have four defenders. Okay, which you have your full backs. And then you have your central defenders. Then you have your next four players, which are your mid fielders. You have your wings, right? Which is your left and that wing. And then your forwards. And then, also very important is your goal keeper. Which is the person that stops the ball from going in to the net. There's a lot of rules. There's corner kicks. There's throw-ins, when the ball goes out of bounds. There are goal kicks. But again, if you just want to go out with your friends, don't worry about all the rules. Just get your ball and have some fun. And that's how you play soccer."

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Course Description

In this course, Soccer Instructor Guillermo Gomez gives 12 easy video lessons on How To Play Soccer. In this video series on soccer, let a youth soccer coach explain how to play the most popular sport in the world. First, he discusses how to stretch and warm up before a soccer game, play the game, kick, dribble, chip and head a soccer ball. Next, he talks about the differences between trapping the ball and receiving the ball with the chest and feet. Finally, learn how to set up a corner kick and choosing the right soccer ball to buy. 


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