How to Practice Etiquette at Public Pools 
How to Practice Etiquette at Public Pools
by eHow / Phillip Toriello
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Lecture Description

In this video lesson, Swimming Instructor Phillip Toriello teaches the etiquette and rules for public pools. They are often posted near the pool and include not eating, drinking or peeing in the pool.

Video Transcript:
PHILLIP TORIELLO: "Hi, this is Phillip Toriello, and this is how to practice pool etiquette at public pools. First, and foremost, you're going to want to take the time to notice the pool rules posted around the facility. They might be on the corner of a wall in the locker room. They might be on the outside, just at the locker room. But it will certainly break down all the rules and expectations that facility has of swimmers at that pool. Another one, that pools often request is to go ahead and shower or rinse, before entering the pool. The reason, is that you want to rinse off all the sweat, dirt, body oil, anything that you might be or, might be putting into the pool, and kind of give that oil slick look, to the swimming pools. Another one, is not really eating in pools, or drinking in pools. That would go ahead and clog the filters, if you're not careful, and you could likely choke on food or a drink, causing an incident that lifeguards would have to respond to. And safety is first and foremost when having fun. Another one, if you have longer hair, it's best to wear a swim cap, like this, in order to keep the drains, filters, unclogged. So, then you can swim your seven days a week, if you're a lap swimmer. Another one that's very important, as far as lap swimmers are concerned, is to go ahead and circle swim, if there's three or more people in the lane. And, basically that's simply swimming down on the right hand side, and swimming back to the wall on the right hand side. In other words, going down a one way road, with cars going down on both sides. If, you have two people in your lane, you can go ahead and split the lane in half, having one person on the right hand side, and one person on the left hand side. Another popular practice is at public pools, is not to rely on the lifeguards as babysitters. They're merely there to help prevent incidents, and respond to them accordingly. So, never leave your children unattended. The last one, is not going potty in the pool. While it feels natural and people just have a tendency of doing that, it's best to not to. Just for sanitary reasons, as well as sparing yourself, those embarrassing moments. To learn more about pool etiquette, please talk to your local lifeguard."

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